Reason 1 : Discovery of a new world

A all new world opens up before you, calm and relaxing, and above all a world of incredible beauty, with fascinating species and seabed. You will discover fauna like you have never seen before and observe amazing marine wonders.

So try the adventure and come explore the underwaters!

Reason 2 : Breathe like a fish underwater

What an amazing experience to be able to breathe underwater!

When you are a beginner, it may seems surprising to be able to breathe underwater. But you will see from the first seconds that no special effort is needed, you just have to relax and… breathe!

Your instructor will always be there to reassure and guide you in order to make this new experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

Reason 3 : Zero gravity

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying free one day? Scuba diving gives you that feeling! Thanks to your buoyancy control you can move underwater almost effortlessly with a few fins kicks.

You will experience this sensation and have the possibility to fly over the blue depths of the seas and oceans.

Reason 4 : Dive is healthy!

The benefits of diving are numerous. It allows to tone the body but with little pressure on the limbs and joints.

It is estimated that a 45-minute dive burns about 550 calories.

While diving, you will also learn to manage your breathing so you can enjoy the diversity of the sea for longer.

You will also experience psychological benefits by being able to completely relax in this beautiful and silent world. It’s like going to a meditation session.

Diving, is like flying over this deep huge world of silence, free of any human sound…

Reason 5 : The spirit of diving

Diving will also bring you into a real community of enthusiasts. Wherever you dive, you can be sure that you will always find good company. You can share your stories, your marine encounters, the places you liked. It’s great to be able to share the same passion for the ocean and feel so connected to each other and to the world.

Diving is a recreational sport, you don’t feel any competition between you and other divers. It’s more like an aquatic trip with family and friends where the only goal is to visit a magical place.

Ready to dive?

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