Snorkeling in Tamarindo

Explore Tamarindo's best snorkeling spots

Explore Tamarindo’s snorkeling sites with our guided tours. Discover the beautiful marine life of the Catalina Islands, just a short drive from Tamarindo (30 minutes), famous in Costa Rica for their diverse underwater world.

Our snorkeling trips are designed for adventurers of all levels, whether you just know how to float and kick your feet underwater or you’re a competitive swimmer!

Perfect for families and groups looking for a special adventure, our snorkeling tours promise unforgettable moments! Let’s discover the treasures of the Pacific waters together!

Our snorkeling tour departs from Tamarindo at 7:00 am. Upon arrival, our team will assist you in gearing up with our snorkeling equipment. Then, we will drive directly to Flamingo Bay where your adventure begins. From Flamingo Bay, you can enjoy a 30-minute boat ride to reach one of the best snorkeling spots in Costa Rica; Catalina Islands.

During our guided tour, you’ll have the opportunity to explore two distinct snorkeling spots, carefully selected to showcase the diversity of marine life inhabiting Costa Rica’s Pacific waters.

If needed, we offer floating devices to assist with buoyancy, ensuring everyone can relax and fully appreciate the tour.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the marine life of the Catalina Islands!

Get ready for some underwater magic during your snorkel tour at the Catalina Islands! You’ll meet a colorful cast of characters in the Catalina Islands. You can spot colorful butterfly fish, angelfish, rays, including the famous manta rays that can be seen here. You might also encounter sharks, peaceful sea turtles, and moray eels.

The Catalina Islands are a hotspot for marine diversity, thanks to their volcanic origins and nutrient-packed waters. These volcanic formations create a variety of underwater landscapes that support a wide range of sea life habitats. That’s why snorkeling here is one of Costa Rica’s top spots for exploring diverse marine ecosystems!

PRICE: $ 75.00 USD

Included in the price of the our Tamarindo snorkeling tour:

  • Snorkel equipment (mask, fins, wetsuit)
  • Drinks, fruits and snacks on the boat
  • Bilingual PADI snorkel guide
  • Shaded custom designed dive boat
  • Prices are in cash and do not include Paypal or credit card taxes.

The price of our tour covers everything you need for a memorable snorkeling adventure! Book your snorkel excursion now with Be Water Diving!

FAQ - Snorkeling in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Our snorkeling tour typically lasts around 5 hours, departing from Tamarindo at 7:00 am and returning around 12:30 pm. This duration includes two snorkeling sessions, each lasting approximately 45 minutes, based on what you’re up for and how the day looks.

At our diving center, we ensure that you have the best snorkeling experience possible during these 5 hours. Snorkeling in the Guanacaste region is really an amazing experience, with its abundant marine life and, our team? We’re all smiles and good vibes!

Yes, our snorkeling tours are suitable for adventurers of all skill levels, including beginners. Our guides provide instruction and ensure safety throughout the tour. We can also offer floating devices to assist with buoyancy, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.

If you are not familiar with snorkeling our team can take the time to explain the basics, demonstrate proper techniques, and offer tips to help you feel confident in the water. We are here to make sure you have a fun and memorable snorkel adventure.

Think of it this way: you don’t need to be a super swimmer to enjoy snorkeling, but knowing how to float and kick your feet a little can make a big difference. Our guides are always there to help, and we make sure that everyone feels safe and secure. So, don’t worry too much if you’re not an Olympic swimmer, you’ll still have an amazing time exploring the marine life with us.

And if needed, our guides provide flotation devices and ensure safety throughout the tour.

Before we dive in, our guides gather everyone for a quick briefing. They cover important safety tips and give you the lowdown on how to be cool with our underwater buddies. It’s like getting the inside scoop on underwater manners—because even fish need their space, right? :).

Pack your sunscreen, a hat, shades, and your swimsuit, essentials to fully enjoy this snorkeling adventure! And if you have one, don’t forget your waterproof camera to snap those epic underwater moments! When you’re with Be Water Diving, we’ve got you covered with refreshments: water, refreshing iced tea, fresh fruits, and snacks to keep you fueled up for the aquatic escapade!

Absolutely! Feel free to bring your own snorkeling gear. Just make sure it’s up to snuff with safety standards and perfect for our adventure together. We’re all about safety first and fun second, so gear up and get ready to dive into a great time with us!

You can easily book your snorkeling tour with us by WhatsApp +506 8389 5022 or by email at [email protected]. We recommend booking in advance to secure your spot.

You bet! We can offer private snorkeling tours customized just for you and your group. To ensure availability on your preferred date and time, we recommend booking well in advance. Get in touch with our booking office to explore options and book your private snorkeling adventure!

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